Natural diets, meditation and relaxation therapies and exercises

Spiritual Healing, Reike, Accupressure & Sujog Therapy 

Specialized therapies using micro magnets and seeds to puncture the related meridian points (zones).

Cleanse. Rejuvenate.



Specialized treatments including naturopathic care, personalized nutritional counseling,  diet plans, lifestyle assessments and herbal recommendations.  



Banana: Rich in Vitamin A, B & E, acts as an anti-ageing agent.



​Therapy and treatments relying exclusively on natural remedies supplemented with diet and therapies such hydro, mud, enema and massage.

Heart & Cancer 

Treatments based on individual heart and cancer diseases 

Yoga & Meditation

​Trains body and soul with yoga and meditation to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, anger management.

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Rheumatoid Arthrities

Harness the power of natural treatments & diet plans 

Recipe book "Zero and Low oil Prakratik Aahar" is available now. Can order the copies through mail.
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Yoga, Naturopathy Consultant, Nutrition & Dietician (Gold Medalist) 

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Dr. Kiran Gupta